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Born and raised in Lorain, Ohio, Mark A. Ballard, Sr. is known as an astute Businessman/CEO, Visionary, Leader,
Family Man and just an all-around great and highly respected guy.
Mark Ballard is the President of Blackberry Records and Founder/President/Owner of Marxan Records. Blackberry
Records was launched on December 1, 1991. Marxan Records was founded in 1995 with marketing/promotion and
A&R consultation (1998).

This innovative joint venture has resulted in a label that is committed to the development of artists who have world-
class talent and a passion to use that talent to spread the Gospel through music. Blackberry/Marxan Music Group
reaches the Urban Gospel and mainstream audience with traditional and contemporary music.
Blackberry/Marxan Music Group is the home of some of the most influential artists in the Gospel music world.
Marxan Records is an independently owned label, currently housing seven (7) signed artists, ranging from
traditional to urban contemporary Gospel.

Mark Ballard launched his own Papa John’s Pizza Franchise in 1993, directing and managing 8 locations with a $7
million annual budget and over 250 employees.
In November of 2014, he launched his 1 st brand new urban inspiration radio station in Northeast Ohio, WNZN
Power 89.1, whose coverage area includes: Huron, Lorain and Cuyahoga Counties.

WNZN is owned by P.A.C.E. Foundation, my 501(c) 3 that was organized to address 3 key areas in the community
that include: youth development, job training/workforce development and economic development.
At the core of Power 89.1 FM, is our sincere passion and commitment to impact lives through uplifting, wholesome,
entertainment, positive programming with inspirationally charged content through multiple media formats. Power
89.1’s mission is to provide family friendly information, encouragement, companionship, and entertainment through
Christian programming. Power 89.1 will creatively blend inspirational and contemporary music in such a way that
the entire family will enjoy listening. WNZN is committed to a high quality of workmanship and will diligently
strive to operate with fiscal responsibility, demonstrating principles of integrity and excellence…all while creating
solutions for successful lives and healthy communities.

This is the legacy of Mark A. Ballard, Sr. – Businessman, CEO, Visionary, Leader and Family Man with a calling to
transform and impact the lives of many.


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